Please note the following terms apply to all Flight Companies listed on our website, Bookings and payment.

Airlaw Requirements by South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) for any flight carrying passenger or charter, flight companies needs to adhere too, to ensure your safety and each flight is conducted legally. The following points apply:

  • Flight companies are approved for charters and scenic flights by SACAA under PART 135 Air Operating Certificate to carry and fly passengers on flights
  • Mandatory Flight plan shall be filled and generated as required for your flight
  • Valid flight tickets issued as legally required by SACAA
  • Pilots in possession of a valid Commercial Pilot License, Class 1 Medical, SEPT, DG and CRM certificate as required under Part 135
  • Aircraft Weight & Balance, Alternate, NOTAMS, METAR and weather approved and signed by the pilot in command before each flight as stipulated by SACAA.

Weather CAA Airlaw Part 91 For Part 135 operations

Visibility and distance from cloud

  • Every VFR flight shall be so conducted that the aircraft is flown with visual reference to the surface by day and to identifiable objects and at no time above more than three eighths of cloud within a radius of ten nautical miles of such aircraft or route.
  • No aircraft will be permitted to take off when visibility is less than 8km, or the ceiling of the could covering half the sky is below 20 000FT
  • Takeoff off and landing not permitted if 25% of the runway surface or more is covered in water more than three millimeters deep
  • VFR Conditions for scenic flight must meet VFR minima’s as per Part 91,135 and the operator
  • Flights must meet VFR conditions 1 hour before takeoff and 1 hour after landing
  • Weather information must be obtained from a valid and approved aviation weather station in METAR form together with a TAF.
  • No scenic flights will be conducted with wind speed exceeding 20kts and gusts of 15kts directly down the runway, in case of crosswind the speed must be reduced as per aircraft handbook.
  • The pilot in command has the authority to cancel any flight for any reason for the safety of the passengers
  • Passengers driven by the “need to fly attitude” for engagements, anniversaries or birthdays. Should a flight be cancelled by the pilot, challenging the pilot in anyway or pushing for the flight will result in removal from flight any further flights without refund as you would be considered an emergency risk and displayed signs and demonstrated you will be unable to follow instructions for the aircraft, passengers and yourself in the event of an emergency.

Bookings & Refunds

Bookings will only be made and confirmed once payment is received. We do not hold bookings slot. We only accept EFT. Cash or Credit payments must be made 7 days in advance to secure booking.

To cover bookings cost and personal the following terms apply when cancelling a flight

  • Cancelling a flight within 72hrs will result in zero refund
  • Cancelling a bookings made through us: a R300 admin fee will be levied
  • Cancelling through a deals, partner site or agent once voucher is redeemend will result in a 60% refund.
  • Cancelling through a deals or partner site with voucher not redeem will be the responsibility of the deals website or agent

Terms and Conditions:

  • The quotation is specific to an aircraft on which the quotation is given and is therefore subject to aircraft and crew availability.
  • Our quotation is subject to daylight and airport operating hours.
  • After hour fees will be applicable, should late or early landing/departure be required.
  • Smoking onboard any of our aircrafts is strictly prohibited.
  • Should there be any industry-related increases, such as fuel, navigation, landing or any other operational costs, the quotation may be adjusted.
  • In the unlikely event that there is an industry related decreases, other than fuel, the decrease shall be for the credit of the client’s account.
  • When confirming a charter, a flight cannot commence without all respective permits being issued.
  • If a charter is not approved 48 hours before scheduled for departure, we shall not be held responsible for non approval or late receipt of clearances.
  • A flight can only commence if over flying and landing clearances have been granted.
  • Departure and Arrival times may depend on airport slot times.
  • Delays and diversions due to the poor weather conditions, or any other factors which may affect the safety of the flight beyond our control and any additional costs incurred as a result, shall be for the account of the client.
  • Dangerous goods are per IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and must be declared. Should any dangerous goods be incorrectly packaged or without correct documentation, they will not be carried on our aircrafts. Forbidden goods shall not be carried on any of our aircrafts.
  • Passengers are limited to 1 medium sized soft piece not exceeding 10kg each. Unfortunately luggage not complying with this restriction cannot be accepted.
  • This quotation is only valid for 30 days from the date issued.
  • Parking ticket fee at Rand airport to be covered at own expense
  • You must be considered medically fit to fly. Please advise us if you suffer from any heart conditions, asthma, anxiety, epilepsy or illness that could affect you during a flight.
  • Max weight per seat 110 Kg, Max combined weight of couple 200Kg
  • Women that is pregnant should not and will not be allowed to fly.
  • Intoxicated persons will not be allowed and no refund will be given to cover expenses. We recommend not taking any alcohol or taking any over the counter medicine within 12 hours of your flight.
  • Unruly, rude or bad behavior may lead to passenger refusal or removal from flight without a refund.