Do You Want To Fly An Aircraft & Simulator

Per Couple R2,499

Flight Details:

Want To Fly And Take Control
Of An Airplane & Simulator?

Do you want to

  • take control and fly an aircraft
  • get your private pilot license
  • become a commercial pilot

The first step to become a pilot is know as your intro flight and simulator experience. Every pilot started off this way, whether it was taking up flying as a private pilot or the commercial pilot flying the latest airline jet aircraft. They all started with an intro flight and now you can take the first step to take to the skies.

How it works

  • You will be assigned a qualified and professional Grade II or III flight instructor.
  • You will receive a small briefing on the aircraft and principles of flight to better understand your flight and aircraft.
  • Learn how to pre-flight an aircraft before your flight.
  • The instructor will show and let you start the aircraft.
  • Once airborne you will take full control of the aircraft under the professional watchful eye of the instructor.
  • While airborne your instructor will demonstrate the basic of flight principles to you while assisting you on your flight.
  • You will be allowed to officially log the flight time if you wish to proceed with flight lessons.
  • After the flight you will be put into the flight simulator where you will be given the chance to take off, fly a complete circuit and land the aircraft on your own with an assisting instructor to guide you.

Total Flight Times

  • The actual flight in the aircraft will take approximation 30minutes from start up to shut down.
  • The simulator flight takes about 15 minutes
  • We suggest to set aside an hour and a half for this experience with the briefings and showings.


Flight will be conducted in a single engine piper training aircraft.


  • This flight experience is only for one person.
  • We don’t recommend bringing a second passenger as it interferes with the details but it can be arrange, should the second person meet the additional weight limit criteria.
  • Must be in good health
  • Age 16 or older
  • You must not exceed a max weight of 120Kg


  • The Flight school and instructors adhere to all South African Civil Aviation Laws and Regulations for your safety.

Flight Route

Departing from Rand Airport your flight experience will take you to the general flying area where basic flight controls will be demonstrated.

Simulator Route

  • Takeoff from Rand Airport with the option of landing back at Rand Airport or OR Tambo International..

The Aircraft: Single Engine Piper

Flight Dates & Time

  • You can fly during week days, weekends.
  • Flight time slots are flexible and tailored for you.

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